Covid-19- How you can help


We know that many of you will be looking to support your local community during this time as we have had lots of requests from students asking how they can help.

Although many face to face volunteer activities have been suspended, there are still opportunities to support those in the community affected by the current crisis.

Below we have some suggestions for opportunities which are available locally and nationally to support those affected by the coronavirus. We would also recommend checking our Virtual Volunteering page to find out about ways to to volunteer whilst at home.



Remember, only volunteer if it is safe to do so and always follow social distancing guidelines. 

Community Response

Below are links to sign up to volunteer in support of the local community response

Chester/ Cheshire West through the Council and Cheshire Voluntary Action

Cheshire East Council

Warrington Council and Warrington Voluntary Action

If you are anywhere else in the UK, you can sign up to be an NHS volunteer or a British Red Cross Community Reserve volunteer.

NHS Vaccine Team Volunteering

The NHS is working with St Johns Ambulance and Royal Voluntary Service, which also runs the NHS Volunteer Responders, to coordinate the recruitment of volunteers to support the safe and efficient running of the vaccination programme.

Find out more information below:

St Johns Ambulance are currently using their existing networks to recruit volunteers to help with vaccinations. You can register with them to be notified when they open this role out again for recruitment

Royal Voluntary Service are recruiting volunteers as part of their NHS Volunteer Responders scheme to help with stewarding at vaccination centres.

*** Vaccine centre Stewarding opportunities available in Cheshire***

You can also apply to assist at vaccination centres via our website with Rural Primary Care Alliance. They are looking for volunteers to help with car park marshalling and queue management. You can find out more and apply via our website here.


Looking after yourself

It's fantastic to see the response to volunteering nationally but volunteers should also remember to take care and protect themselves during this time. Please remember to follow NHS guidelines for protecting yourselves.

Please remember:

 - Before volunteering, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Take sanitiser gel with you if you can and to use when you don’t have access to soap and water during your volunteering

 - Always wash your hands as soon as you you get home from volunteering

- Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) if you cough or sneeze

 - Put used tissues in the nearest bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

 - Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell- remember to keep to recommended social distancing guidelines as much as possible

 - Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

 - When helping neighbours please only offer to help for the tasks you feel comfortable doing and are able to do.

Any volunteers who are helping local neighbours/ people in their community need to make sure that if they become unwell themselves they MUST not volunteer. Volunteers need to protect themselves and not put other people at risk.

The Government have provided information on safeguarding to address concerns people may have around supporting others in their community, please read them here

Share your story

We are keen to share positive news stories so if you are volunteering whether from home or as part of a community response, please email us a photo and a short paragraph if you would like to share your story. Please ensure that you have permission for any photos you send in to be used on social media.


Thank you! 

Thank you for giving your time as a volunteer, however you do this, whether virtually or in the community as it all helps and will make a huge difference in the response to this current crisis. 

Make sure you keep safe and look after yourselves.

Your UoC Volunteering Team