Provider FAQs



  • We are a profit making organisation, can we still recruit volunteers?

No, we only advertise opportunities for community, charitable and not-for profit organisations, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) and community interest companies (CICs).


  • Can we advertise an internship?

We are only able to advertise internships with charitable organisations, however we ask that you consider the availability of our students and the time available to them (we encourage our students to undertake no more than 6-10 hours of volunteering per week). For this reason, internships during the academic year will not be advertised.


  • Our organisation has more than one volunteering opportunity…

If you wish to advertise more than one role make sure you add these as multiple activities on this website.


  • We sometimes have ‘one off’ opportunities, can you advertise these?

Yes! Please put these as an activity on the website as this will then ensure it is emailed to volunteers. If you also email us details of the date, time, location and roles of your event then we can advertise them on our Facebook events and on our newsletter. We also compile specific emails at Christmas and Summer to advertise one off opportunities, however we will email our opportunity contact list regarding this.

  • How will our volunteering opportunities be promoted?

By registering as a provider and then uploading your specific activities to this website student volunteers will be able to search and apply to volunteer with you. Additionally, we also offer both a weekly drop in service and appointments where members of the team will speak directly with students as far as possible to pass on enthusiasm and extra details about the opportunities. We also advertise events and one off opportunities on social media.


  • We have promotional materials and further information about our opportunities, can we send you copies?

Unfortunately we don’t have a specific space for leaflets and posters. When we hold events such as our Volunteer Fair, we can display leaflets for those who cannot attend. However, you can also email us electronic copies of posters and we will make sure these will be uploaded to our social media page.


  • We need particular skills from our volunteers, how can we make sure we recruit students who have those particular skills?

When you add an activity to the website there is the option to tick areas in which your volunteering falls or the specific skills you require. On the University of Chester website you will find a course list which may also give you an idea of the skills students have.

However, the final decision regarding the suitability of volunteers rests with you, as the organisation.


  • What should we do if there is a problem with a volunteer, or we find that they are not suitable at application stage?

We can’t always control which student volunteers apply to volunteering opportunities. Very rarely, problems can and do occur. We recommend you have some kind of recruitment process in place (even if this is very informal). If following your usual procedure for dealing with issues with volunteers you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.


  • We have received an email that a student is interested in an activity we have advertised

The procedure is highlighted in our How to Guide for contacting volunteers  but if you have any questions please contact us.

Make sure you contact the student within 10 working days to ensure they feel engaged in the process. Regular communication is key in this.

If you have contacted them and then not heard from them again you can let us know and we will try to chase them up.


  • What do we do if we have had very little uptake in our activities?

It is really important to remember being on the website is not a guarantee of student volunteers. Not all opportunities will may be suitable for students. It is also important to be aware of the time of year.

If you are struggling to recruit student volunteers please let us know and we will look at promoting your opportunity further.


Still got a question which wasn’t answered? Please email us on and we will be happy to help.