UCV Awards

University of Chester Volunteering Awards.

Make your volunteering count with our UCV award scheme.

The UCV awards encourage you to go the extra mile on your volunteer journey, with opportunities to reflect on your experience and keep a record of your skills. Access your volunteer profile now to start logging your hours and apply for the award scheme!

As you reach volunteer hour milestones on your volunteer profile, you will be able to progress through the levels of the UCV award scheme. As you log more hours, the award scheme provides you with a space to consider your experience, how your skills have developed, and the impact you have had on the community you have volunteered with.

As you progress through the awards you will have different criteria to complete, including

completing skill examples on your skills record, reflecting on experiences within your volunteer role/s, and delivering a presentation to staff within Careers and Employability.

There are five levels to the award scheme, and you can access each level once you have achieved the previous one, starting from UCV Bronze (10 hours) up to UCV Excellence (500 hours or more!)


Benefits of completing the UCV awards include:

  • Receive a certificate for your highest award when you complete your studies.
  • Invitation to our annual ‘Make a Difference’ Celebration event.
  • Recognition of your volunteering on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) of the Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Excellence awards.
  • Motivation to keep your skills record up to date, which you can download and keep when you complete your studies.

If you are volunteering or about to start, make sure you log your hours and make your volunteering count with our UCV awards!

Got questions about the UCV awards?

If you have got any questions about the UCV awards, please contact the team, or you can also book an appointment with a member of the team to talk about the UCV award scheme and how to complete it. Book an appointment via Career Hub using the 'University of Chester Volunteering Awards' option.