UCV Awards

Take part in the UCV awards and receive recognition for your volunteering!

Once you have registered with us as a volunteer and start recording your volunteer hours, you will then be eligible to apply for our volunteering awards. These awards provide recognition for your commitment based on the number of hours you log, and provide the opportunity to record and reflect on your volunteer experience. You could also get the chance to participate in an employability workshop and practice your presentation skills.

There are five levels to the award scheme, and volunteers work through each level in order to move onto the next.


*As part of the Gold award volunteer engagement activities could include:

Benefits of the UCV award scheme:


·       The Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum + and Excellence provide recognition of your volunteering on your undergraduate Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)

.       When you graduate you will receive a certificates for the highest award you have achieved

·       Reflect on your volunteering experience; keep a record of your volunteering achievements; develop your skills through your volunteering and recognise how your volunteering is contributing towards your employability

So if you are volunteering or about to start, make sure you log your hours and be eligible for our award scheme!