UCV Awards

Take part in the UCV awards and receive recognition for your volunteering!

Once you have registered with us as a volunteer and start recording your volunteer hours, you will then be eligible to apply for our volunteering awards. These awards provide recognition for your commitment based on the number of hours you log, and provide the opportunity to record and reflect on your volunteer experience. These awards also encourage you to further enage with your volunteering, by taking part in some online or face to face volunteering and by presenting your volunteering experiences to Student Futures staff and other students. 

The awards system has changed slightly this year, but don't worry if you have already completed an award, you will automatically be moved over to the equivalent award.

There are five levels to the award scheme, and volunteers work through each level in order to move onto the next.

UCV Bronze 

  • This is to recognise anyone who has recorded over 10 hours. 

UCV Silver 

  • This is the first of our awards and can be applied for once 50 hours are recorded.
  • Complete the UCV Silver sections of the online award workbook
  • Any hours recorded of 25 hours or more for one organisation will need to be verified before the award can be given
  • 2 points towards the Chester Difference Award

UCV Gold 

  • Complete the UCV Silver Award.
  • Complete another 100 hours of volunteering (150 total)
  • Complete one of our volunteer engagement activities (listed below)
  • Complete our UCV Gold online workshop (available after Development week)
  • 3 points towards the Chester Difference Award

UCV Platinum 

  • Complete the UCV Silver and Gold
  • Complete another 150 hours of volunteering (300 total)
  • Write a short piece reflecting on your volunteering
  • Deliver a presentation on these reflections to a panel of Staff
  • 4 points towards the Chester Difference Award

UCV Platinum +

  • This award is to recognise volunteers who have completed the UCV Platinum award and have completed a total of 500 hours in total.

UCV Excellence Award 

  • Once you have completed your Platinum+ Award, you can continue to log your hours, and at the end of your time here at the University of Chester, you will be provided with this award which details the total hours you have completed during your time with us. Congratulations! 

How to apply for the UCV Scheme?

  • The Bronze level will be automatically awarded to your volunteer profile when you have logged over 10 hours 
  • When you are eligible to apply for the Silver, Gold and Platinum you will receive an email notification.
  • On your profile there is an Award Progress section and the route to applying will be in here.
  • Once you have completed the Silver, Gold and Platinum, the  Platinum + and Excellence will be automatically awarded.



Benefits of the UCV award scheme:

·       The UCV Silver, Gold and Platinum provide you with points towards the Chester Difference Award which is administered by Careers and Employability

·       The Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum + provide recognition of your volunteering on your undergraduate Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)

·       Reflect on your volunteering experience; keep a record of your volunteering achievements; develop your skills through your volunteering and recognise how your volunteering is contributing towards your employability

So if you are volunteering or about to start, make sure you log your hours and be eligible for our award scheme!


UCV Gold engagement activities:

To be eligible to complete the UCV Gold award, we would ask that students complete at least one of the following. You dont have to have logged enough hours for this award to complete one of these, so if you have any questions about these please contact us on volunteering@chester.ac.uk 


****Covid-19 update**** Due to current circumstances any students wishing to complete the UCV Gold award are encouraged to complete one of the below online activities:


Other activities (Please note, you can register these activities retrospectively)