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The Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award

This award is a certificate of excellence, presented to students who have shown an outstanding contribution in voluntary work. In order to be eligible for the award, you must:
• Have completed 200 hours of voluntary work.
• Demonstrated making a significant contribution to your placement provider.
• Understand the context and outcome of their voluntary work by completing an application form mapping development of key skills.
• Be able to give a 5/10 minute presentation reflecting on your volunteer work, indicating how it will help you move forward in your life and future career.

The Kirsty Craig Award for Enterprise 

This award is to recognise students who have demonstrated, through their voluntary work, outstanding skills and abilities of an enterprising nature, e.g. time management, creative flair, enterprising approach, person management, budget management, business creation. Students who apply for this award and are successfully shortlisted will then be required to give a 5/10 minute presentation reflecting on their volunteer work, indicating how they have had a business or entrepreneurial approach to volunteering and answer questions about this presentation.
Any current student may apply for this award.

Applications close on Tuesday 16th April.
For more information or an application form please email