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Student-Led Volunteering Projects

Student-led volunteering projects are volunteering projects run by students, for students! There are plenty of projects ready to volunteer in, or, you can set up your own. Projects are delivered by Volunteer Project Coordinators, who are recruited, trained and supported by UoC Volunteering. Project Coordinators also recruit and manage the student volunteers for their project.


Become a Project Coordinator

We are looking for our next set of Project Coordinators for the 2022/23 academic year. Want to step up and try something new? Meet like-minded students while developing valuable transferrable skills and become a Project Coordinator for one of our Student-Led Projects:

Welly Wednesdays; Bonding Through Books; Chester Student Dog Walkers and Chester Healthy Eating Workshops (CHEW).

Have a look at some of the projects our students are currently running: 



Chester Student Dog Walkers                              

Are you interested in animal welfare? Do you have experience of dog walking?

Chester Student Dog Walkers provide support to members of the community who own dogs but are unable to walk them on a regular basis due to medical reasons, illness or injury. Student volunteers provide a free dog walking service on a regular basis, based on enquiries from the community.

Volunteers will work in pairs, picking up the dogs from their owners at an agreed day and time each week. The project aims to ensure that the dogs are kept healthy by regular walks and to help members of the community who can no longer walk their dogs.

Watch this short video from the Project Coordinators to find out a bit more about the project.  


Welly Wednesday Student Volunteers   

Do you enjoy volunteering outdoors? Have you got a passion for environmental conservation?!

The Welly Wednesday project organises monthly conservation and outdoor volunteer work days at various locations across Cheshire and North Wales; with organisations ranging from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, and local community groups. Activities can include habitat management, footpath building, and gardening.

Watch this short video from the Project Coordinators to find out a bit more about the project.

Please email for more information. 




CHEW (Chester Healthy Eating Workshops!)   

Are you keen to learn new, healthy recipes whilst also helping those who need it most? 

This student-led project sees students create cooking videos to share tips on healthy eating on a budget. These videos will be shared with a range of project partners who work with vulnerable communities.

Watch this short video from the Project Coordinators to find out a bit more about the project.


Become a cooking workshop volunteer



Bonding Through Books

Do you have a love of reading? Help to inspire the next generation through the joy of reading through this virtual book club for Primary schools.

We're 'Bonding Through Books', a student-led initiative created by two English   Literature students. The project was initially designed as a response to the COVID-19 climate   and the confusion experienced by children as a result of its uncertainty.

We felt it was essential to re-establish the communication lost and affected by lockdown; as English students, we were passionate to incorporate what we know best into the project - reading. 

This project will involve the development of virtual, pre-recorded content; activity packs and live virtual sessions to explore children's books.




Get Talking

Get Talking supports students by reminding them that they are not alone. There are support networks out there for them.

Get Talking invites the university community to raise awareness, fundraise, and, most importantly, get talking about issues that can impact the student experience. This project aims to open dialogue about serious topics, create conversations and reduce stigma across the University community.

This is a flexible opportunity to get connected and make a difference. Delivering at least one campaign a term, Project Coordinators and volunteers will host activities they feel will raise awareness about these topics – whether that’s helping run stalls, planning events/activities, inviting guest speakers etc.





Hedgehog Friendly Campus

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus project is funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and aims to make university campuses a safe and attractive site for hedgehogs. Activities can include building hedgehog houses, keeping feeding stations topped up and organising litter picks. Hedgehogs are officially classified as vulnerable to extinction so the project aims to make university spaces hedgehog friendly, as well as give people the tools to make their own spaces hedgehog friendly.




Are you interested in raising awareness about fake news? Are you enthusiastic about educating young people?

The inCredible misinformation project aims to help young people identify what is credible information by giving them the tools to obtain and process information. Volunteers will help run workshops in local schools and youth groups to introduce them to the basic ideas around misinformation and fake news.

Please email for more information.  


Want to set up your own project?

Do you have an idea for your own student-led project but don’t know how to get started?

Check out the 'Start Your Own Project' page, or contact the team via so we can help you to get your ideas off the ground!

We can provide you with resources, training, support and opportunities to advertise and promote your project.