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Citizen Academic

Have you ever thought of becoming a Trustee? 


In recent years there has been plenty of research on the benefits of volunteering, both on a personal and professional level, and there are compelling studies suggesting that it is good for our health.

Following a successful conference on partnerships and collaboration earlier this year, the Faculty of Social Science has partnered with Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) to support staff in finding good matches between their interests and skills and the needs of local charities, as well as supporting staff to access training on the trustee role. 

The Citizen Academic project, which is being developed by Dr Holly White, Deputy Head of Social and Political Science, and Melissa Crellin, Head of Engagement and Local Growth in Strategic Economic Development, aims to support academics and professional services staff in securing and developing trustee roles which offer the chance to collaborate with local communities, plus health, professional and personal benefits, while developing strategic opportunities for the University.

It will be launched this month as part of CWVA’s Year of Volunteering Campaign, during the charity’s Business Volunteering and Trustees Month.

Dr White explained: “CWVA is supporting the service by matching University staff interested in trustee roles with one of its 700 plus member organisations.


“Holding a trustee position can provide fantastic opportunities to work alongside communities to co-develop research staff and student projects; guest and public lectures and seminars; and wider knowledge exchange activities. It can also lead to student and staff volunteering opportunities, and highly valuable student placements.


“Trusteeships can also enable staff to develop new and existing skills and experience in a range of areas including strategy development and leadership, media engagement, and networking. 

“Becoming a trustee gives you the chance to support a community and an area of personal deep interest and concern.”

For more information about the project, please read the Trustee Pack CWVA has created for this project, which includes a set of FAQs, a case study, and an overview of trustee responsibilities.

Dr White is also keen to hear from anyone currently holding a trustee position who is interested in developing the relationship between the organisation and the University and exploring ways of developing this project.

For more information contact Dr Holly White at