What is the HEAR?

HEAR stands for Higher Education Achievement Report. It is the formal document issued by the University of Chester to undergraduates upon completion of their programme. Like the Diploma Supplement, the HEAR includes the final academic transcript of assessment results as well as some extra curricular activities.

Will my volunteering be included on my HEAR?

If you have completed your UCV Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum + or Excellence award this will be listed on your HEAR. If you are eligible for one of these awards but have not completed it, visit your profile to start! Student Led Project Leaders/Co-ordinators will also be inclided. Unfortunately, no other volunteering will be included as this is not verified.

How can I check the UCV awards are listed on my HEAR?

If you are completing your undergraduate course in summer 2022, you will be emailed regarding your HEAR towards the end of April. You will then have until 11th May to check your UCV Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum + or Excellence awards are listed. You then have until the end of May to email us so we can make sure this is added.

By what date do I need to have completed a UCV award by to make sure it is included on my HEAR?

If you are finishing your undergraduate course in summer 2022 you must have completed any UCV awards by 1st June to ensure they are listed on your HEAR.

How to find out more?

If your query is not volunteer related please email hear@chester.ac.uk or visit https://portal1.chester.ac.uk/registryservices/Pages/student-results.aspx