Mentoring Projects

The Volunteering and Mentoring Team manage two mentoring projects:

School Mentoring

School Mentoring offers the opportunity for students to get involved in local primary and secondary schools as a mentor.  Our mentors work one-to-one and in small groups to support school pupils in overcoming barriers to reaching their full potential. This is great experience of volunteering with young people.


School Mentors are only recruited in October and must attend a full day of training in development week. As part of the role a school mentor would need to commit to mentoring for half a day a week from January until May.  

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Peer Mentoring

Be a Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors are made up from second and third students from all campuses who have undertaken training from the Volunteering and Mentoring Team. Peer Mentors are able to share their experiences and provide information about other university services to the new students. We begin recruitment for Peer Mentors in February and face to face training is provided in March, April and May. There is also an option for online training for those who cannot make the face to face dates. In August once the new students have received their place at Chester they have the option to apply for a peer mentor, we begin matching in August and peer mentors communicate via e-mail in this time, once the new student arrives they can choose to meet up face to face if they wish.


Get a Peer Mentor

Our Peer Mentoring scheme matches current students with brand new ones. Peer Mentors can share their experiences of starting university and help with all sorts of queries, from social issues, to money, living and study related queries.

If you are a first or second year undergraduate student and you would like to get a peer mentor, please fill in the following form:

Once we have received your query we will look into matching you with a peer mentor. Once matched your peer mentor will send you an e-mail introducing themselves. If you have any more queries about this project please e-mail