Monthly Themes

Each month the Volunteering Team will be sharing volunteer stories; opportunities and blog posts related to a different volunteering theme. With each theme we hope to inspire our students to get involved in the huge range of volunteer opportunities that are available.

April theme:

Our April theme is: 

Some Virtual Volunteering activities that you might like to try which link to this theme are detailed here. Click the pictures to visit the website and give it a go!  

Missing Maps

Phrase Detectives

Anti-Slavery Manuscripts


Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can help put the world's vulnerable people on the map  by mapping areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Lovers of language and literature, this is the place where you can work together to improve future generations of language technology. By indicating relationships between words and phrases you will help to create a resource that is rich in linguistic information. Anti Slavery Manuscripts need your help to turn hand written correspondence into texts that can more easily be read and researched



Volunteer Story - Heritage and Cultural

I have been fortunate enough to get involved in volunteering opportunities that are not only of interest to me but have helped me network within the industry in which I want to work. I enjoy being able to volunteer my time to help with events in and around Chester. I have been involved in the Chester Heritage Festival since last year’s launch at the Racecourse where I helped dress kids up in replicas of Roman Armor so they could experience what it would have been like to be a Roman Soldier. For the actual Festival which was in June I was able to assist with historic walking tours around Chester, many of which are offered free of charge encouraging residents and visitors alike to participate in festival events.

Volunteering for this festival has been impacted the community because it highlights Chester’s heritage and offers free or inexpensive things to do for both locals and visitors. It’s important for Chester’s heritage to be recognised because it is so much of what makes the city unique and brings in people to live, work, study and visit.

I have also helped with many student-led events and events within the community through the Event’s Society. Most notably I have volunteered for the Winter Watch Parades and Frodsham’s Christmas Parade for the past two years. Assisting with these has really improved my knowledge of running large scale events and how it impacts the location which is very relevant with my degree in International Tourism Management and my future career goals.

Volunteering has been an essential part of my student experience while at the University of Chester. Not only has it been beneficial in acquiring new skills and building my confidence, it has also been something I have truly enjoyed doing. I find it very rewarding for my well-being to be able to donate my time to help others achieve their goals.

Monica Escobedo (Level 5, International Tourism Management)